PSED (PSD) Program
TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics

The Psychosocioeconomic Dynamics (PSED, PSD Program is an ongoing permanent research program within the TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics. This activity involves a number of researchers examining such topics as topological pattern modeling including the application of conformal geometrical mapping analysis, topological information networks and topological order in the study of behavior and decision-making phenomena involving groups and populations, human and otherwise.

There are strong conceptual, mathematical and other theoretical connections between PSED and the RTD and TBD foundations which address underlying physics and biology that lead to self-organizing and emergent behaviors in such population groups as humans and social entities.

OASIS and SELDON Projects constitute two ongoing (permanent) PSED-based Projects and these currently have led into the design and implementation of the OASIS World Environment ("Terra") and the SELDON Engine for Predictive Analytics.

Several papers will soon be posted within public arXiv sites and here on the TETRAD Institute site. Contact us for papers, presentations, and bibliographies.

Please visit the OASIS Site for preview information.
This pertains to both the OASIS architecture and
its implementation as an Oasis-World (named "Terra").

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